Jambo nocturnals, and welcome to our blog! We are HATARAI Voltage. HATARI means danger, and Voltage means the coursing surge of electric current that goes down your spine at our events! We organize open-minded musical safari’s that awaken the tribal spirit and electrify the senses. By combining tradition African melodies with electronic beats, we create a new space where boundaries get blurred and everyone can feel as one.”

HATARI Voltage is a themed club night that is organized[1] once every 2 months in select African cities.  We curate alternative (underground) culture of developing, delivering and experiencing music within African cities.

HATARI Voltage began in Kampala, the capital of Uganda and is set to spread to other African cities. Our parties are set to take our fans on a musical safari that occasionally turns the audience into the performer.

At HATARI Voltage, We cross cultural, musical and entertainment boundaries by mixing the ordinary with the extra-ordinary, the traditional with the modern and the goat with the guitar.

[1] By HAVO Africa, a registered entertainment company in Uganda.